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Pump Dispenser for Hair & Body - US Whamisa

Pump Dispenser for Hair & Body

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A pump dispenser for shampoos, body cleanser, and lotion containers. 
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  • What it does

    This pump is compatible for the following products:

    • Organic Seeds Shampoo Dry Scalp
    • Organic Seeds Shampoo Oily Scalp
    • Organic Fruits Body Cleanser
    • Organic Fruits Body Lotion
    • Organic Seeds Hair Treatment 510ml
  • How to use

    Remove a cap of the full-size bottle and replace it with the pump dispenser. 

    Whamisa Pump Dispenser is designed with a slightly longer dip tube than the height of the shampoo bottle so that you may enjoy the shampoo until the last pump. When installing, please push down the dispenser inside the bottle until the dip tube slightly bends, then close the lid.

  • What else you need to know

    100% of money made from pumps on our website will be donated toward neutralize evironmental impact.

    Due to the charitable nature of this product, this proejct will be excluded from promotions, such as free gifts or sample from all orders. 

  • Packaging Material Transparency

    • Mixed materials (not easy to recycle) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great little pump

I bought this to use with the body wash. It took a bit of a push for me to get it screwed on but that's because they make the the hose longer so it can pump more from the bottom of the containers it is fitted for. It works great.


This is very good pump! I used my shampoo and body cleanser first without but with this one I don't overuse those cause I can control easier how much is coming out. It tells that it's well designed and made!

So convenient

I worried about overusing my Organic Fruits Body Cleanser but this is so helpful to have because you can control how much is coming out. I'm glad the company thinks of stuff like this to make it convenient for their customers.

Robin Epperson
Pump Dispenser

It is a well-made, very sturdy pump. Definitely needed for the large Organic Flowers Body Lotion & Body Wash.

Sadia Ahmed

Push it hard to bend then close the lid.