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  • What if I already have a Whamisa account?

    You have automatically been enrolled in the Whamisa Rewards program. Any purchases made since you made an account will be automatically reflected in your Rewards account.

  • Where do I check how many points I have?

    After signing in, please click the ‘Whamisa Beauty Rewards’ badge located on the bottom left of our website to see how many points you’ve got.

  • I completed an action that should’ve earned points, but they aren’t showing up.

    Please contact us at and we can help you.

  • How and where do I refer a friend to get a discount?

    After signing in, please click the ‘Whamisa Beauty Rewards’ badge located on the bottom left of our website. When you scroll down, you’ll see a referral URL to forward to your friend.

  • Do my Rewards points ever expire?

    Yes. Whamisa Rewards Points are eligible for redemption up to twelve (12) months from the date they are originally earned. For example, if you earn 100 points in March 2021, they will be valid for redemption until March 2022. Please make sure you spend your points within the twelve (12) month validity period to retain your balance.

  • Do my Rewards discount have codes expiration date?

    Unless otherwise specified, rewards points do not have an expiration date. Just be sure you’re shopping with the same account/email each time.

  • Can I use my rewards discount code in conjunction with another promo code?

    No, you can only use one code per order. Discount codes don't stack.

  • Is there a limit to how many product reviews I can earn points for?

    No, there’s no limit. If it is a verified purchase, which means the product is purchased from the official website (, you will earn 100 points immediately once you submit/post a product review.

  • I am already following @whamisa_us instagram account. How do I verify that to get points?

    You can still get points if you are already a follower. To verify, please click ‘Whamisa Beauty Rewards’ badge. Go to ‘Ways to earn’ and click ‘follow’.

  • Could my tier be downgraded to a lower tier after Point Deduction?

    The tier placement would be based on your yearly points earned. So your level wouldn’t drop down in tier for redeeming your points, it would just be about hitting that amount of points in total on a yearly basis. Remember, the higher tier you are in, the faster you can earn points per dollar spent!

  • Can I redeem multiple times within a transaction?

    No. You can only redeem one offer in a given redemption transaction.